The Pakistan Desalination Association (PakDA) is a non-profit organization dedicated to the development, promotion and appropriate use of desalination technology in Pakistan. The PakDA was established in 1994 by Fayyaz Muddassir Mubeen, a desalination expert and a mechanical engineer by profession who is also the current president of the association. The members of the association include end-users, suppliers of the desalination equipment, engineering consultants, personnel involved in operation and maintenance of desalination plants and finally academic institutions and their staff. Categories of membership include public and regulatory agencies, industrial users, water suppliers, manufacturers, equipment suppliers, consultants, engineers and academia. The Executive Council and their appointed office bearers govern the association on two years basis. PakDA draws its members from Water Management Organization, Scientific and technical institutions, desalination industry, universities and end-users of desalination.


  • Encouraging research, development and appropriate utilization of desalination technology and water reuse in Pakistan.
  • Exchange and disseminating information and promotion communication on desalination.
  • Encouraging and promoting the establishment of standards, specifications and procedures.
  • Cooperation and communicating with national and international, governmental, institutional and private agencies in matters relating research, development and appropriate utilization of desalination technology and water reuse.
  • Promoting operator training and certification.
  • Encouraging and promoting the efficient use of energy for water.


  • Conferences and seminars.
  • PakDA also arrange and conducts regional technical training, management and technology transfer seminars, workshops and courses in Pakistan.
  • PakDA acts as a clearing house for the industry, media and general public interested in learning more about Desalination Technology and its applications.

PakDA enables its members to keep abreast of the latest technology and business development in the field of desalination worldwide through its publications. The latter provides invaluable opportunities for interfacing with others in the field. PakDA also provides for the expression of new ideas and the presentation of problems affecting all of us concerned with future of desalination. The opportunities for participating in the affairs of the association are unlimited.


“PakDA is committed to the development and promotion of desalination technology in water supply, water re-use, water pollution control, water purification and water treatment in Pakistan


To be the regional hub for all water services and technologies


President: Fayyaz Muddassir Mubeen
Vice President: Nisar Ahmad Khan
Secretary General: Mubashir Chohan